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   I have installed teradata python module with python 3.5.1 version. I'm calling a teradata SP that return CLOB and some VARCHAR parameters. The SP in out parameters are shown below,
TPTCLOB_Generate  (
         IN iProcess_Name            VARCHAR(30)
  ,IN iDebug_Level             BYTEINT

im kinda new to the tools, I got an issue running my BTEQ script with a ,CLOB column.
when I run it , I get "Teradata Database returned an invalid LOB token"






Hi All,
I have a perl script that calls a sp in TD. The SP returns rows where each row has 4 clob columns.
I am using the following code scrippet to fetch the row and facing issue.

I am using the following code to read clob data from teradata. 

Hi All,
We have define a coulmn as CLOB in a teradata table as we have to load it from a CLOB column from Source(Oracle), but
during loading it from API/Uitlity mode in Abinito, we are getting an error and load is failing.
I belive we cannnot load a CLOB column thorugh utility...
Work around -->

I have noticed in the DBQL logs that there has been a number of records in the dbqlsqltbl.SQLTEXTINFO table and column that contain the value of "SELECT ?".  It appears that this is due to a columns that is being CAST as CLOB.  My first question :  Is this expected?     The second question:  Can DBQL be modified so that these rows are not logged into the

When I executed
LOGON ip/usr,pswd
COPY DATA TABLES(myDataBase.myClobTable),
in arcmain.
A failure occurred:

*** Warning ARC1254:Can not restore LOB subtables to a
rehashed system.

How to copy LOB data?

I am a developer and a newbie to teradata.

I am trying to load a large table from my oracle database to teradata 13.0.

I have written a JDBC utility to fetch from my Oracle Instance and Load into teradata database.

The oracle table has 4 CLOB columns (it is a125 columns table) and has 100000 + rows.
My program errors out after inserting 84422 records with the following error:

Exception in thread "main" com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 8505] [SQLState HY000] LOB ID could not be generated


I have created a new table with a CLOB field intended to store a deliminated character string, however a standard INSERT statement is only loading the first character of said string.

Any thoughts or guidance as to why this is happening and how to fix please?

All input gratefully received.

Lee UK