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I'm considering sitting for TE0-142 and TE0-143, the SQL and Physical Design and Implementation certification exams. Will the official certification study guides be sufficient enough in the way of study materials, or should one go through the four training courses to get all the needed material? 

Folks - if ANYONE out there wants to join me in getting access to TPN+ membership reply or IM me ( preferably if there, IM in the forum that is ) . I have  been in Terdata world for a long time - technology has now changed drastically from what it used to be during V2R3/5/6 days .

Has anyone completed Teradata certification in India ?
The prometric website doesnt show any test location in India? If I am looking at the wrong link, can you please direct me to the correct one...

Thanks in Advance...

I am writing TE0-123 exam. If a question involves any new features in TD 13.10 (such as compression on varying length fields), should we answer the question as though TD 12 is the current release or we should answer based on the TD 14.0 (or whatver is actually latest)
Eg question - Can VARCHAR column be compressed in Teradata?

Hi all,
I recently recieved an E-mail inviting me to take the TD-14 beta certification exams.
I am a Teradata V12 certified technical specialist.
I am planning to take further  V12 certifications.
How long will the V12 certification program be continued and then eventually be replaced by V14.

Hi Folks,

Am new to this forum. Actually i am one yr expr person in teradata and now am interested to do certifications in TD. Can anyone pls help me to guide

what are the levels are there in teradata certifications

and if anyone ve teradata materials then pls send it to my personal mailid : vprem.vasu@gmail.com

Hi all,

I am relatively new to Teradata. I am actually looking to take a certification exam in teradata. However, I am confused by difference in the certification exams. I see two different tracks for the certification. One is V2R5 related stuff (like NR0-011) and the other is Teradata 12 stuff (like TE0- 121).

Preparing for Teradata 12 Certification? For authorized training material and important program updates, please visit the Teradata Certified Professional Program at www.teradata.com/Certification.

Ever wonder how you can maximize your exam preparation experience during the Teradata Certification process?  Learn what’s new and exciting about the Teradata Certified Professional Program.

The Teradata Certified Professional Program is excited to announce the release of the new Teradata 12 Certification Track. As of November 16, 2009, the following Teradata 12 Certification exams are available for registration and testing through Prometric centers globally: