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I want to cast a field with timezone in it to a standard CET format. for example, below is my input data:
20:33:40 GMT+02:00 10/23/2015
08:30:36 GMT+01:00 10/26/2015

Hello All,
I am a bit stuck up at converting a string into timestamp(6) with timezone format in Teradata.
Input String in file : 9/03/2015 7:14AM GMT+01:00
Column in which it needs to be loaded : FG_TSZ TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE 
Could someone help me in this ?

Hello All. 
We have two tables as below. Both the tables have 1 column COLLECT_DATE_TIME Timestamp(1).

I need cast an invalid date-Time to a valid Date-Time.
Example:  12/5/2014 2:55:29 PM   to   05/12/2014 14:55:29        DD/MM/YY hh:mi:ss

I'm trying to modify a code script and trying to add a few new fields to it. The tricky part I come across while try to add these fields is while trying to cast them. I would need the format of a timestamp (calculated based on division / modulo of two fields) [Format is hh:mm:ss], but unable to cast it using timestamp.