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Need to select/pick a value to load into another table using below conditions - can someone help and throw some ideas -
AAA-1 and AAA-2 are DECIMAL(6,0) - Values range from 0 to 999,999
IF AAA-1 has at least 4 digits (excluding right padded 0's) and starts with 52 then use it else

Trying to use REGEXP_INSPR to identify if a VARCHAR(50) column contains data that can be converted to Decimal(8,2) and if so convert it.  Below is my SELECT:

Hi.  I am wondering what capabilities TD offers in the way of case statements in joins.
Here is the problem:

Hi Guys,
In the case statement if i give it as mentioned below:
where col1=(case when :col1='xyz' then 'xyz' else NULL end)

Hello Experts,
I am  fairly new to Teradata and need help  to sort my issue.
I have a scenario where one line item has multiple status_codes. there is a hierarchy  preference set for these  status_codes to pick just one.
I have to use a Case statement(i think) to pick the appropriate Status_code for a given line item

My data has four columns date, departure, destination and depart time. I have a case statement that groups depart times. It works fine but it does not group departures between 18:31 and 19:00. Time is
Any idea why not? Thank you for your help.
depart_tm ,

Hi experts,
Can you please let me know one the below behavior.

case when 1=1 then
cast('00010101' as timestamp format 'YYYYMMDD') 

O/P:  1/1/0001 00:00:00.000000

I am comapring accid from previous month and current month.
IF accid existed in previous month, but does not exist in the current month
THEN 'Closed'. ELSE
IF accid did not exist last month but exists in the current month
THEN 'New'

The following query is not working pls. advise!
CMN.accid as current_month,PMN.accid as prev_month,
when select PMN.accid from prev_month_table PMN minus select CMN.accid from current_month_table CMN then 'Closed'
when select CMN.accid from current_month_table CMN minus select accid from prev_month_table then 'New'

I want to execute SUM of a field at different grouping levels... is it possible to use SUM inside CASE statement???

Something like below..