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I'm writing a program that connects to TD.
During execution i'm creating a class structure that i need to move to TD DB.
In .net i can use Bulk Copy or write the data into text files and then use Bulk Insert.
Is there an easy direct way of doing that in TD (like bulk copy or bulk insert)?

Hi,   Work for a big company.   Recently we had a forced 15.1 from 15.0 Teradata Client install on our laptops where I do my c# builds.   Everything (builds and runtime) ran fine on my laptop but when I move my executable to a dev machine it failed with "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or Assembly "Teradata.Client.Provider".


In my .Net application in which i connect to TD to run queries, i have given a CommandTimeout of 5 minutes. Now, when i submit a query that runs a large select statement, it runs for 2 minutes(active state)and then goes into responding state. It runs in this state for 10-15 minutes.

I have written a C# ASP.NET application that uses the Windows TD ODBC driver (v  In my code, I create an open a connection, perform my query, then close the connection.  However, what we are seeing is that the connection (session) persists in Teradata for some arbitrary amount of time after the application has finished with the connection an

I have the following unit test which is failing due to a TdException with the message "[Teradata Database] [2689] Field is null for column defined as NOT NULL."

I am attempting to execute a parametrized non-query SQL command using TdCommand.ExecuteNonQuery().  The parameter in question is DbType.DateTimeOffset and TdType.TimestampWithZone; the parameter value was generated using DateTime.Now and appears to be completely defined (as verified via the Visual Studio debugger).

Does anyone know how to connect to a DB View with OData service in Visual Studio?

I have installed the .Net Data Provider (http://downloads.teradata.com/download/connectivity/net-data-provider-for-teradata) on 2 computers, as an Administrator. I tried 3 versions of VS - VS2013 Pro, VS2013 WD Express, VS2010 WD Express.
I found one tutorial, so I know that what Im trying to achieve should be possible :)

I am using the Teradata 13.10 virtual machine and I have assigned it a static IP address ( for host only access.  I am able to connect via BTEQ  - .LOGON,dbc - and with SQL Assistant.   When I try to connect via the .NET provider, I get an error saying that it cannot resolve to an IP address.

I am working on a web application in .NET Framework 4 (C#).  We are using the Entity Framework (v4) with a Teradata backend.  I am trying to set the where clause for an EntityDataSource so that a date column is equal to a specific value:

I am using Teradata EF provider and I seem to be unable to reference a string column in the table without having to specify it in the key as well.  If I have that column in the key then all is well, but if I don't then I get the following error.  Has anyone come across this?  Or know what the issue might be?

I am trying to call Stored Procedure with parameters. Procedure have two TIMESTAMP parameters for example use below one: