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Hi, I'm looking for an external UDF that will emulate the strtok function in C.  I'm aware that it is available as an internal function on TD14, but our client is running 13.10.  I am using it in a recursive query to denormalize a view, so i need a scalar UDF that will return a single value result.  Thanks!

Hello All,

We have a Unix C application that connects to Teradata as backend. We are currently migrating from HP-UX to AIX. The exe which is working fine in HP-UX, is dumping core in AIX.

We have re-compiled the code in AIX successfully. We are getting the following error when we try to run the executable -

The 32 bit executable needs to be re-compiled as 64 bits. The exe compiled successfully, but it is dumping core when trying to login to Teradata -

IFMXcomm[21] = 14
IFMXcomm[22] = 9
Before Proc OpenDB 0 1311723748 41
In open Teradata DB
Teradata system: qa