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we are dealing with massive amounts of custom code in BI and we've put together an infographic to illustrate which parts of business intelligence environments suffer the most from heavy loads of handcoded scripts.


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Learn how to unlock data in SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to discover deeper business insights. Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions is the newest addition to Teradata’s portfolio of SAP® integration tools and services.

This fast-paced survey talk provides a bird's-eye view of how smart, forward-looking businesses are using Teradata/Aster/Hadoop/Aprimo and partner technologies to make better, faster decisions.

This webcast describes how to leverage Microsoft Business Intelligence on a Teradata database to provide optimized performance. This is a technically oriented presentation regarding Microsoft's offerings for ETL, OLAP, and reporting.

Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Perspective - Module 1 - BOBJ/Teradata Implementation Best Practices

This course is a high-level collection of best practice guidelines on the use of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and Teradata components.

This presentation provides an overview of the optimizations implemented by MicroStrategy to leverage Teradata data warehouses, a brief overview of the MicroStrategy product architecture, and reviews a number of techniques and settings that can help in MicroStrategy implementations with Teradata.

The Teradata Database offers a unique native capability, the Aggregate Join Index (AJI), to help support multi-dimensional Business Intelligence solutions.  An AJI is an aggregated result set saved as an index in the database.  The AJI will be used automatically by the Teradata Optimizer when like columns and aggregates are made frequently within a query

This webcast describes how you can leverage Teradata and a semantic layer to provide optimized performance for Business Intelligence (BI) toolsets. The presentation covers design of a semantic layer to work with ROLAP solutions such as MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Oracle BI, Cognos, and Microsoft Analysis Services. This is a technically oriented presentation targeted to those that are deploying BI toolsets on top of Teradata, or have an existing BI environment that requires optimization.