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When issueing the following statement

select case when (1 = 0) then 1 else 0 end;

in Teradata Studio 15.00.02 using ODBC Driver Version 15.10 I receive the following weird message:

I am not sure if the database forum is the right place for this topic, but it might be.

Consider below query:

SELECT 2**3**4

as a result teradata returns value of expression 4096. This means that provided expression was calculated in this way:

SQL Assistant normally allows you to kick off multiple queries in sequence, if each query is in the SQL window, or if you highlight the queries you'd like to run. We just ran into an issue where a query - which ran fine by itself - would prevent any other highlighted queries from being executed when it completed.

I've recently noticed that the Teradata parsing engine doesn't pick up on / given an error for 'accidental cartesians' or, to use another term to make it more clear why I think this is a significant bug, 'unreferenced / unqualified tables'.

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As per subject, really.  Got a simple query:

SELECT * FROM dbc.databases WHERE databasename != 'foo'

When I try and run it through the JDBC connection I get the error:


We found a bug in the TDE associated with incorrect operation of the Upper and Lower functions on two characters of the Cyrillic alphabet -  functions mixing up upper and lower case (in all four cases - in different ways).

Does it fixed in TD DWH Appliance 6650?
How can i fix it by myself and when you expect an update?

I am new to Teradata and new to SQL Assistant.
I ran into a problem with a query taking over 10 min and I knew something was wrong.

The DBA said it was related to a known intermittent problem in Teradata where
the system was just having a problem.

"It sometimes loses track of the number of active queries for a user and accidentally delays one. If you ever cancel any queries after they have started running, try to avoid that. That can cause this to happen. " He seemed to think I should wait
30 min before contacting DBA.