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Blob Compression
Hi All, What is the best options to compress BLOB data? BLC Vs ALC We are loading large volume of Binary files in teradata. We are thinking to use ALC, is there UPDs to compress and uncompress BOLB data? Thanks Khom            
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After Initial BLC Loading
As space saving initiative, we are applying BLC on certain tables in our Teradata system.
Understanding BLC features
I have few questions on BLC(Block Level Compression): a) Can a table be partially compressed using BLC and partially remain uncompressed?If this is true, how to know if  a table is partially compressed using BLC.   b) Does stats collection on a table compressed using BLC
How to identify tables that have been Block-level compressed using SQL
Hi, Please can some tell me how to identify tables that have been Block-level compressed using SQL. Hopefully from one of the DBC. <tables>.   Note: I do not have access to Ferret tool or anyother tools an admin has access to.
The input table can't be compressed
Hi all,   I tried to using BLC for the first time, but encountered some unusual case. One of my table cannot be compressed using BLC. Ferret says "The input table can't be compressed". why is that?    Thanks, Anung
How TD Compression Reduces Storage Space and Enhances System Performance
Go in-depth on how NULLs and Compression are managed in a Teradata system.
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Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility
Teradata 13.10 features Block Level Compression (BLC), which provides the capability to perform compression on whole data blocks at the file system level before the data blocks are actually written to storage. Like any compression features, BLC helps save space and reduce I/O. This BLC utility is for Teradata users to run against TD 13.10 system to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC impact on space and speed for each specific table in interest, to get information for selecting appropriate tables to apply BLC.
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Recommended update strategy for block level compressed (BLC) tables
Hi, what is the recommended update strategy for BLC tables? Scenario is to insert new rows - no deletes, no updates. Ulrich
Listing block level compressed tables
Hi all, It's my understanding that the only way you can tell what tables are block level compressed is by using the Ferret utility. Is this true? Does anyone know the Ferret command to list tables that are BLC'd?
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Using Block-Level Compression in Teradata 13.10
This session will focus on block-level compression (BLC), how it works, what compression rates you can expect, and where it is appropriate to define. Examples of the impact on CPU usage and elapsed time when queries access compressed tables will be shared, and the overhead while performing different database operations on these tables will be explored. Plenty of tips and techniques for successful use of BLC are offered.
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