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Please advise in Teradata how to convert integer value to binary and then back to integer ? If there is any function for that ?
For example: integer value is 50, binary will be 00110010 and again from 00110010 back to 50.
Thanking You
Santanu Ghosh

As most of you might agree, managing our collections of digitial pictures is becoming quite a challenge.  The number of photos continues to increase and now includes pictures from cameras as well as multiple mobile devices.  And to add to my troubles, I find that I have duplicate copies in different folders and on different computers.  Getting this organized is becoming a high priority.  Sure there are management solutions already available, but hey, we're tech people and it's more fun to try to build our own!  With the free Teradata Express database and some java coding, we have the right tools to get started.

Although Teradata Utilities allow binary information in text files, doing so can have unintended consequences.