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Hi All, I am trying to export a BIGINT column which has signed value of -1 to a file. Then I am using this file to load the data back to a table say TABLE1. I noticed that the file doesn't contain the signed value neither the table1 contains -1. Instead it has 1. It is losing the sign. How can this be fixed.

Hi All,
I have a 13 digit Bigint column value 1734567890123 being divided by 1000000000000 and I need the result to be displayed as 1. But i am getting 2 as a result in Td V14.0. I cannot make use of the FLOOR() function also which is returning the same result 2
SEL 1734567890123/1000000000000 as Result
Ans :

In my blog entries "Teradata Columnar" and "9.2 Quintillion? What's that all about?", I discussed column partitioning and the increased partition limit that are introduced in TD 14.0.  But there are other TD 14.0 partitioning enhancements that you may find useful.  The following provides a brief introduction to these enhancements; for more detailed information, see the Orange Book: Increased Partition Limit and other Partitioning Enhancements, the Orange Book: Teradata Columnar, and the TD 14.0 manuals.