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To all Hadoop enthusiasts, OSSCube brings a great opportunity to learn  “Hadoop- must-to-know technology” for a better career and job prospects. 



This training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop Administrator. It starts with the fundamental concepts of Apache Hadoop and covers topics such as the internals of YARN, MapReduce and HDFS, best practices for  preparing and maintaining Apache Hadoop in production. 


I need to process data based on the following query.


    FROM (

    SELECT TOP 1000000 id

        FROM table1

        WHERE idBETWEEN 1100101 AND 1100228

            AND  id> 23434

        ORDER BY id) AS t;



output : 445544

Hadoop Administrator Workshop


Introduction toApache Hadoop 

The Hadoop Distributed File System 


Planning a Hadoop Cluster

Named Nodes, Data Nodes

Hadoop node failure recovery 

Hadoop Installation & Configuration

Advanced Configuration

Rack Awareness

HADOOP-BIG DATA online training course providing by magnific training.


We provide two Hadoop Training Courses:

Intensive Developer Training (6-8 weeks)

Corporate Training (4 weeks)


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