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Radically Simplify Big Data Streaming
Real-time data capture is the first step to a Sentient Enterprise. The ability to quickly add new data sources for capturing real-time data is critical to keeping a business relevant.
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Top 10 Don’ts Of Big Data Project
Hello Guys, These Top 10 don’ts of Big Data projects speak of practices that disallow the creation of data lakes for profit. Steer clear of them and go the right way to make your project a success.
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Data Scientists: Welcome to The Machine
Earlier this year I posited that, due to the exponential rate of growth, the amount of data collected for analysis is becoming beyond the scope of the current analytical staffs to examine it all.  And that the answer to growing the cumulative brain power necessary for this exponential growth in analysis is going to have to be machine learning and artifici
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Are you looking for Online Training in Big Data/Hadoop Analytics & Data Science Technologies ..?
Hi., Are you looking for Big Data/Hadoop with Data Analytics & Data Science Training ..?, Here i am the one & only source stop solution for all of your technical requirements. I am in expert to provide training on below Data Science/Data Analytics/Big Data/Hadoop components like ., HDFS & Map/Reduce
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Grave Mistakes that Companies Make in Big Data Projects
Hi All,   Big Data helps enterprises capture the information using software. Do you know what are the mistakes that enterprises do while implementing Big Data Projects?  
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How to Fix the Data Scientist Shortage
The amount of data that is now available for analysis is growing at an exponential rate.  As the hardware to capture the data becomes cheaper, faster and omnipresent, the amount of data collected for analysis is becoming beyond the scope of the current analytical staffs to examine it all. 
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how to query large rows in Teradata SQL?
Hi   I am new to Teradata SQL; I have a database containing 10 million records(rows) of revenue, each with a unique ID. I need to query 3 million records out of it, in which I do have the IDs of these 3 million records. the direct and slowest way would be:select ID, revenuefrom My_Table
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Just a Little Bit More
The theme of this blog is an examination of forces that would disrupt existing data warehouse implementations.  I categorize these as either long tail or black swan events.
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Everything All the Time
During my first coding class, after the obligatory “Hello, World,” my assignment was to find the least cost path in a matrix of values (linear programming).  The computer took some time to crunch the data to come to a solution.  Now, this is an app on your phone.  
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Big Data Hadoop Certification Training
Big Data and Hadoop classroom training is for people who are willing to attend classroom sessions delivered by a highly experienced instructor. Big Data is a collection of large and complex data sets that cannot be handled by regular tools. Big Data training educates one on handling such huge databases.
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