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How to calculate moving sums within variable size windows?
Hi! I am trying to calculate moving sums and row counts in a query, to do further arithmetic on the said values. For a range of 3 days, for example, I would sum the values given in the rows for those 3 days, and then divide them by the amount of rows in that same time period. In Oracle, the syntax would be:
olap window range_n between day interval interval
How to efficiently join GEO IP RANGE data - How to avoid product JOIN
Problem Description A typical lookup kind of JOIN between FACT table with hundreds of millions of web clicks, and DIM table with 55M IP ranges in numeric style (e.g. downloaded from MaxMind).
product join geo ip between
Date logic for SQL
Hi, I have a table called Employee with Join Date and Last Date. This table may also contain future employees. Now I want to write a View to list all employees (current and future; but not previous employees). Can anyone suggest me best Date logic to get this information.
date sql between