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New Release!!

TdBench 8.0 for any DBMS has been released! It works with any DBMS that supports JDBC.  The commands are very similar to earlier releases but there are many new features to improve simulation of data warehouse workloads.  

... TdBench V5 - MS DOS 

Teradata Benchmark Query Driver (TdBench) provides a set of tools to help you compare the performance within a data warehouse:

  • before/after a new release of the DBMS
  • before/after changes to the PDM (indexes, compression, etc)
  • relative performance of a new database platform

The tools provide a framework for executing benchmarks driven by a Windows Server or PC and reporting on the results using DBQL. There are also tools for extracting a cohesive set of Queries and Tables from DBQL to define the benchmark.

This reference guide explains how to install, configure and use the TdBench package.