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I created a file test_it.bat and test_it.txt, when I call test_it.bat from a command prompt the BTEQ script keeps stopping and asking to enter logon info and I have the logon command specified in the test_it.txt file:
echo off
cd G:\COMMON\dw\Teradata_Output

Hi all - 
I have a scenerio i need assistance with. My scenerio is as follows:
I am building a snapsot table that assigns a batchid everytime it is run. These Id's are NOT necessarily in sequential order, but are always of a numeric type (BIGINT). -- Example: 900,001 then 900,020 then 900,101 etc....

i would like to run query from a batch file similir to this:
C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\13.11\Teradata SQL Assistant\sqla.exe  -f  K:\shared\DonutData\Bakery_Distress_Production.sql -e K:\shared\DonutData\DonutDistress.txt

This book provides reference information about BTEQ (Basic Teradata Query), a general-purpose, command-based report and load utility tool. BTEQ provides the ability to submit SQL queries to a Teradata Database in interactive and batch user modes, then produce formatted results.

This book provides information about Teradata MultiLoad, a product that provides an efficient way to deal with batch maintenance of large databases. Teradata MultiLoad is a command-driven utility for fast, high-volume maintenance on multiple tables and views in a Teradata Database.