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Getting following warning in almost start of a BAR job log
*** Warning 9136:Online archive logging cannot be enabled on one or more tables
Table Info unavailable

I am trying to produce a log file for each DSA (Data Streaming Architecture) job with a format similar to ARCMAIN output. The closest thing I can find is to redirect the output from the dsc command line to a file (.i.e. dsc job_status_log -name my_DSA_jobname -bucket n > my_log_file).

I ran a restore using DSA, and received an error in the postscript.  Where can I find the DSA logs so that I can further investigate my error?  I'm guessing it's on the BAR media server, but I need the directory path.

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) is a new product offering for Teradata Backup and Restore, providing significant performance and usability improvements over existing backup and restore functionality.

I am looking for reasons about Teradata's Recomendation to have a seperate users for BACKUP and RESTORE. Can someone share some words (advantages/disadvantages) about heaving a seperate users for Teradata BACKUP and RESTORE activites.
Currently I am using DBC for all Backup nd restore activities, any comments about this practice.

Does anyone have any experience using a deduplication tool (eg. EMC Data Domain) for their Teradata backups?  I'm curious how it works since the rows of data won't  come out of Teradata in the same sequence every time.


Teradata is pleased to announce the official release of Teradata Viewpoint 13.12 effective August 26th, 2011.

Have you ever wondered how many AMP worker tasks (AWT) were actually being used during an archive or a restore?  You're not alone.  Is it one per session?  Could it be one per AMP?  Here's how it works.

The primary goals in a successful backup strategy are to ensure backup integrity, minimize backup & restore time, & reduce impact on the Teradata system. This presentation covers the connection, configuration, & tuning of the BAR hardware and software components, protecting & validating backups, & how different backup strategies can be applied to reduce system impact.

We get a lot of questions about BAR. Yes, we here at eBay went our own way a number of years ago, and it was one of the more successful things we’ve done – I have not even thought about them in quite some time. I’ll explore a bit about what we’ve done then wade through some of the architectural definitions and issues.