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ResUsageSAWT Time Interval
Hi all, I have a particular question regarding how the data are stored inside ResUsageSAWT. When the column TheTime is for example '04:10:00.00' all the data regarding AWTs refers to the interval from 04:00 to 04:10 or refers to the interval 04:10 to 04:20? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Workload Management with User Defined Functions and Table Operators
How does TASM enforce rules such as classification and workload exceptions against User Defined Functions?  What about table functions and table operators, some of which do their work outside of Teradata?  How far can you rely on TASM classifications using estimated processing time in these cases?  Will there be accurate resource usage numbers reported to support workload exceptions on CPU or I/O? These are some of the questions that need answering if you are extending the use of simple or more complex user-defined functions on your platform.
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