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Hi All,
It seems WorkTypeInuse00, WorkTypeInuse01 vaules from DBC.ResUsageSawt/PDCRINFO.ResUsageSAWT  are returning wrong values. And the total awt count (WorkTypeInuse00+WorkTypeInuse01)is showing more than 500. Am I missing anything? Please shed some ideas on this.

In the System Health Portal, the System is showing in degraded mode.On cliking the icon, I can see the different Health metrics.One of them is AWT usage , which is showing in red.How do I check what is the threshold value for AWT  utilization,exceeding which the system goes to degraded state in the Viewpoint portel?

If I told you there was a way you might be able to speed up parsing time for your queries, would you be interested?  

In Teradata Database 14.10.02 there is a new capability that allows you to expedite express requests, and I’d like to explain how that works, describe when it can help you, and make some suggestions about how you can use it to get the best performance you can from parsing when the system is under stress.  But first a little background.

Hi All,
Could anyone help me out on how many AWTS are used by the below utilities:
2) Fast Load
3) Multiload



I notice in Viewpoint that the GG replication loading into our Teradata Production system has persistent connections in the "Responding" status.  Do they consume an AWT?

Thanks for the insight.



We notice in Viewpoint that our Mload jobs are assigned session IDs for each thread, but only 1 of the sessions has a workload associated with it.   Does that mean that the entire Mload (multi-threaded) is only using 1 AWT?

Thanks for the insight.


In ResUsageSpma data is reported per node. The definition of column AwtInUseMax is given as:

Peak number of AWTs (Max) on this node. This
is not the Peak or the Max value stored in the
Priority Scheduler (sch) data structure and
reported by the puma utility. The sch peak value
is the Max value since startup is never set and
Max is the maximum allowed value.

We don't know if this gives us the maximum AWT count from all the AMPs in the node
sum of maximum AWT count from all AMPs