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After upgrade python from 2.6 to 2.7 on Teradata Database Developer (Single Node) AMI could not execute tdc-init, tdc-start: td-aws-ins-config is missing.
Is there any chance to download it separately for 2.7 version or how to solve current issue the other way?
I would appreciate your help.

I am using TPT to export data to a file and move into S3 buckets., am curious to know if there is a way to export data and write directly into AWS S3 buckets.
Thanks & Regards,
Srivignesh KN

I've launched the AWS Teradata Database Developer (Single Node) , and can't connect with ssh to start the DB ; not sure why i can't ssh.
The AWS instance state shows the instance is unreachable.  My security group has ssh TCP port 22 open, my pem file is chmod 400.

I’m using Teradata Express on linux machine - aws.
When starting the machine, Teradata is not starting properly.
I have to stop it and start it several times until Teradata works fine.
Today it did not start at all...
When I type this command:
pdestate –a
I get this state:

I want to start using a Viewpoint AMI so that I can connect my other Teradata instances to it and start monitoring, running backup jobs, and etc. What is the proper way to launch and set up a Viewpoint image on AWS?

Is there a way I can keep track of some sorf of metrics for my AWS EC2 instance?

Here are the instructions for editing Ports and security groups on an AWS Instance.


      I was trying to install Teradata(Teradata Express (ami-99f65af0)) on aws its installing properly and working fine but it’s have only 76GB disk space and i want more than 100 GB disk space.