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Similar to Teradata SQLA , does Teradata Studio Express allows Kerberos Authentication / Active Directory Authentication / SSO to Teradata ?

Defense in depth is the practice of implementing multiple layers of security to protect business-critical information.

1. What is the SQL to  create  a new user that uses  LDAP authentication mechanism?
2. If a user was created without LDAP authentication how can we change them to LDAP authentication?

I have a Teradata user called FREDBLOGGS. 

He has an account on Teradata (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password TERADATA). 

He also has an entry in LDAP (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password LDAP).

If I set up my Teradata server to authenticate via LDAP, can this be overridden by the authentication mechanism chosen by Fred when he logs in?

Is there any support for Siteminder/Pubcookie style external authentication for Viewpoint rather than using LDAP? If not, are there any plans for integrating this kind of functionality?

When it comes to establishing Teradata Database sessions, you may find that using BTEQ’s LOGON command by itself is not sufficient to pass along your credentials for user authentication. This article will explain what other commands you might need to use.

Hello all. This blog discusses the recent release of support for both Teradata TD2 and LDAP authentication mechanisms in Teradata Viewpoint. Support for Teradata TD2 and LDAP authentication mechanisms was made available in the Teradata Viewpoint patch release.