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Audit on Teradata
Hi, Need to capture users who access sensitive information in teradata database. Able to get all the required information from dbc.accesslog such as userid, date and time of login, databasename, tablename and columnname accessed. Need to add additional information as part of audit report such as
Retrieving metadata about most recent query
Hello In my stored procedures, I'm looking to start recording an "audit log" after each step. So for example: /* * Step 1 in my Stored Proc */ DELETE FROM MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 ALL; INSERT INTO MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 SELECT blah; /* * Insert Audit Log for the above step */ INSERT INTO MyDatabase.AuditLog(SPName, Step, Timestmp, RowsImpacted) VALUES('MySP', 'Step 1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMMP, CountRowsImpacted() ); /* * Step 2 in my Stored Proc */ UPDATE MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 FROM ( SELECT 'blah' AS blah ) AS a SET Col = a.blah
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