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What is Aster Express?

I already installed and played with Aster Express in VMware on my local machine. Now I need to install it on EC2 to make available for our demo server. Are there AMI files for Aster Queen / Worker nodes that I can use to deploy it on EC2?
Thanks, Boris.

I'm trying to run Aster Express on my Macbook. I have VMWare Fusion. I set up the network using these following instructions (http://donaldaly.blogspot.com/2012/12/running-teradata-aster-express-on.html).

However, my NIC's are no good. What can I do?

Hello Everyone!
For reference:
- My host system is Windows 8.1
- I'm using VMWare Player 6
- I'm trying to run Aster Express v15

Hello alltogether,
We would like to develop Aster MapReduce Functions with C++.
For Java we found the hints on Eclipse Plugins and development tools (ADE). But for C++ we didn't find anything yet. Is there any link that could help to set up an IDE/ADE for C++.
Thank you in advance


I'm using ncluster_loader for loading data into Aster express (6.0). But if i want load data from realational
database like MySQL then how should i do it, is there any connector for that?

I'm trying to install Aster Express V6 but after installation the AMC is not working.
I've tried  , , all these urls but still not working.

I downloaded the aster Express from http://www.asterdata.com/download_aster_express/ but this is version 5.0 which is really old. Is there a newer version somewhere?
Also, the images do not contain the naiveBayesPredict.jar file in the /home/aster/demo/Analytics_Foundation.zip. Any idea on where i can get this?

We will try to parse Apache access log right now and see how badly structured data can be trasfromed into SQL-like table. I suppose you did already install  Aster Developer Express and ready to create your first Aster project.

The new Teradata Aster Express virtual images bring the powerful analytics of the Aster platform to any PC or workstation. 

With your own Aster cluster installed and running (Getting Started with Aster Express), and a few Aster nPath examples under your belt (On the Road to nPath), it's time to unleash the full analytic power of Aster and install the remaining SQL-MR libraries.  These Aster Analytic modules are a powerful suite of reusable SQL-MapReduce® functions that deliver advanced analytics on Big Data with immediate business impact by leveraging the power of MapReduce programming through standard SQL.

One of the keys to Aster’s parallel processing power are Virtual Workers (or v-workers).  V-Workers are the compute and storage units in an Aster cluster, much like AMPS are for Teradata.  In this article, I’ll show you how to easily add another v-worker in a procedure called ‘partition splitting’.  This will double the “parallel computing” of our Aster Express cluster.

In this second part of our series on using Aster Express, we'll continuing using the Aster ACT query tool and introduce a new tool for bulk loading data, Aster's ncluster_loader.  (See Using Aster Express: Act 1 for part 1 of this series).

Once you have an Aster cluster running (see Getting Started with Aster Express), it's time to start doing some work.  We'll start with the Aster database basics in this first part of a 3 part overview.