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I need to perform a database backup but I am not able to find a place to download the tool or a package containing the tool. I think it might be included in a previous version of the utilities but I am not able to find the previous versions download? Would somebody be so kind to help? 

Hey all,

Hi! I have some questions about the arcmain utility that I'm hoping someone could answer... I couldn't find documentation to specifically answer...
1. In order to use the "multistream" option, is an arc server required? (I assume yes)

I have a TARA job which backs up everything under dbc excluding dbc. The following is part of the arc script which works












I am new to arcmain. i have witten a simple archive arcmain script but now i have following requirement while archiving a teradata database:
·         How to archive file to particular location (e.g C:\user\backup)
·         How to divide archive file into chunks (like 100mb per file)

I just tried to move data between TD and TD (both TD Express for VMWare). I'm using Arcmain from TTU 15 (arcmain The archive runs perfect, but when copying I get: 11/25/2015 22:35:25  *** Failure ARC0010:The DBS Software Version is incompatible.

Hello Guys
I have a Teradata 14.10 on a TD 2690 appliance with BLC enabled on all tables.
I am using the TD Appliance backup Utility to copy backed up data from backup files into a new database.
I know the size of the backup files is the size before BLC is applied and it is 7551855 bytes. 

I am trying to produce a log file for each DSA (Data Streaming Architecture) job with a format similar to ARCMAIN output. The closest thing I can find is to redirect the output from the dsc command line to a file (.i.e. dsc job_status_log -name my_DSA_jobname -bucket n > my_log_file).

Hi. Iam using netvault to online backup databases. Iam receiving warning ARC1032 for every table iam archiving until logging is set off at final step.

Can we estimate time used for arcmain data copy/restore using linear scale from sample data? i.e. 5 gb is copied in 5 minutes then 1 tb in 1000 minutes.

What is the command to know if arcmain is installed on a Linux host?
Like to know if bteq is installed or not , we use: "which bteq " command

     (RETAIL) ALL,

I want to archive teradata database table. I am using above script.
after executing the script. I got following error.

I am in the process of performing a full system restore with backup tapes from the same system, following a sysinit.  The system is running of the database and below is a sample output of the ARCMAIN Restore job.  There is a line in there for each table stating "NEED TO RE-HASH ROWS" that I've not seen before and was curious

Hey all, new to teradata.
I have to move a database from one teradata server to another.
Used Arcmain to do an archive, successful, but for the life of me can't find out where that archive actually exist so i can copy over to the new server and do a restore.
Using TeraData13 on SUSE 10

Hi everybody. I faced many errors during creating new envs using armain utility. I think arcmain is not useful tool for creating envs so I would like to know how you create DEV, SIT, UAT in your projects. Which tools do you use to create SIT, UAT envs?


I use ArcMain for restore databases (COPY DICTIONARY TABLE).

ArcMain executes with the error:

Recently, I was presented with a situation to move several Terabytes of data from one machine to another. So FastExport/FastLoad really wasn’t feasible. I didn’t have the hard drive space to hold the flat files because they were so big. So then I tried to archive the database, but again, the archive file was too big.


I am trying to set up our Development environment, and would like to take a copy of the Production envirnment and put in in Dev. The catch....I don't want 100% of all records in the tables. I would like only x% to populate the Dev tables.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

i have a problem with setup Express 13 on Windows XP SP3 hosted as guest OS on top of Virtual Box.

I've installed Windows XP, then Service Pack 3, but installer doesn't go to installation proccess with message:
'Service Pack installed is wrong'.

There is any advice to go further?

Previously I've installed Express 12 on the same kind of virtual machine and there was no errors at all.

I could stay at version 12 but backup done by arcmain on 13 crashes when I try to restore it on '12' (with message 'backup is corrupted'). That's why I have to install another VM with '13'.