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Hey all,

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I want to archive teradata database table. I am using above script.
after executing the script. I got following error.

Does Teradata DBMS have a command-line function for creating offline backups, something roughly equivalent to "pg_dump" for Postgres or "mysqldump" for MySQL ?

Or perhaps a GUI-based backup, like right-clicking a database name in SQL Server Management Studio?

Thank you.

Hey all, new to teradata.
I have to move a database from one teradata server to another.
Used Arcmain to do an archive, successful, but for the life of me can't find out where that archive actually exist so i can copy over to the new server and do a restore.
Using TeraData13 on SUSE 10

All All,

I have a PPI table paritioned by end_dt

Recently, I was presented with a situation to move several Terabytes of data from one machine to another. So FastExport/FastLoad really wasn’t feasible. I didn’t have the hard drive space to hold the flat files because they were so big. So then I tried to archive the database, but again, the archive file was too big.

Hello folks,

I am reviewing some documentation and have done some research on the ability to protect my data using the Archive utility. My source of the documentaiton is here... http://www.info.teradata.com/edownload.cfm?itemid=101680007

For my situation, I need to have a few datasets (7 at most) to recover from. So given the following Archive script...



I am trying to set up our Development environment, and would like to take a copy of the Production envirnment and put in in Dev. The catch....I don't want 100% of all records in the tables. I would like only x% to populate the Dev tables.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

We get a lot of questions about BAR. Yes, we here at eBay went our own way a number of years ago, and it was one of the more successful things we’ve done – I have not even thought about them in quite some time. I’ll explore a bit about what we’ve done then wade through some of the architectural definitions and issues.