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I encountered an "unexpected" error when using your SOAP application.

Error below:

> An unexpected error occurred (Error ID: api01/1432714249395). Please retry your request.

How know what happens, in order to fix it ?

Hello All,
I am currently in the process of developing a complete end-end solution that will migrate objects/data from Teradata to Hadoop and vise versa.
When researched, i got the articles on TERADATA CONNECTORS FOR HADOOP (COMMAND LINE INTERFACE) and their respective  tutorial document.

I am looking to upgrade our current version of Teradata TPT API from 13.00 to 13.10. Can any one tell me if these downloads are available?
TPT API 13.10 X8664
TPT Export Operator 13.10 X8664
TPT Load Operator 13.10 X8664
TPT Stream Operator 13.10 X8664
TPT Update Operator 13.10 X8664
Thx in advanced.

Reviewing the TPT manuals, I do not see a set of coding examples using Java.  This is a show-stopper for anyone using Java programs to use TPT.  I would like to see such an example in this forum and in the manuals because Java is arguably the most important enterprise languag