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I have been trying to import Teradata Tables into Hive using the TDCH utility. The utility seems to be working fine since the connection is successful. However after the job completes and when I check the values in the respective hive table I get all NULL values. The separator and delimiters are fine.

Hi - My organization uses Hadoop I am new to whole hadoop and mapreduce programming.
I am looking for POM.xml for mapreduce program development. is there seperate repository detail available for teradata hadoop ? 
Can someone please help? Thank you.

when exporting 2billion+ records into teradata from hadoop using TDCH (Teradata Connector for Hadoop) using the below command with "batch.insert",

I'm using TDCH to export a hive data into teradata table. For this I need to specify the number of mappers to my TDCH job. So, my question is "is this number of mappers option we give to TDCH job is just a hint to TDCH? or number of mappers created by TDCH will always be equal to number of mappers given in the option" (of the TDCH job)?

Hello there,
When creating a new Hadoop profile from TD Studio 14.10.01 nothing happens and I get an Unhandled event loop exception logged in the error log view:


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