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Apache Ant allows the user to run a SQL task using JDBC. The Teradata SQL Ant Wizard allows you to wrap selected SQL Statements into an Ant build script from the Eclipse DTP SQL Editor.

The XML Ant build script generated from the Wizard runs the selected SQL statements inside or outside of Eclipse. The Ant build script will facilitate a consistent setup of test or base production environments. This creates a mechanism to run SQL reports and to integrate with build or schedule tools. 

When you create a new portlet project using the PortletGenerator, the project will contain an Ant based build system. You can use the following ant targets to build and deploy your portlet:

In the last article, it was shown how Teradata Plug-in facilitates the process of creating and installing the Java parts and DDL for a Java External Stored Procedure (JXSP) using the JXSP Wizard and Multi-page Editor.

Finally it’s time to start some real development within the Friday Night Project. This week we are going to create the TZA-Database project within which we will ultimately collect all of the project information (SQL, Data and build files) necessary to create and maintain a consistent version of the TZA-Database. We will also establish the base infrastructure for an ANT based build that can clear any existing database elements prior to creating the ZipCodeRiskFactors table and loading the base Risk Factors data.

If you are like me you tend to have several sandbox databases that you use day in and day out. Some on different servers all with different names and each one needing to have the latest ddl changes applied to keep things moving.