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Aster Analytics POC
This package contains the Aster Analytics POC Functions
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Radically Simplify Big Data Streaming
Real-time data capture is the first step to a Sentient Enterprise. The ability to quickly add new data sources for capturing real-time data is critical to keeping a business relevant.
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Like, Pin or Tweet It: Get More Value Out of Social Media Data with Aster
Love or hate it, social media is here to stay. 
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Orchestrating an analytic workflow in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture
Overview This article describes how to combine exploratory analytics and operational analytics within the Teradata Unified Data architecture (UDA). The UDA is a logical and physical architecture that adds a data lake platform to complement the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse. In the Teradata advocated solution, the data lake platform can either be Hadoop or a Teradata Integrated Big Data Platform optimized for storage and processing of big data. Query Grid is an orchestration mechanism that supports seamless integration of multiple types of purpose built analytic engines within the UDA.
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Alternate Solution to Self Join
Dear All, Need help with below situation.... Data id        date 100   6/6/2015 100   8/1/2015 100   9/30/2015 200   8/11/2015 300   7/18/2015 300   1/10/2015 300   3/5/2015 300   6/15/2015
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R and Python Analytics with the SCRIPT Table Operator: Teradata Connections group and info
On the Teradata Connections website, a new group has been created to foster and encourage discussion, ideas exchange and help with issues on the topic of R and Python Analytics with the SCRIPT Table Operator. Visit:
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Teradata In-database R and Python Analytics with the SCRIPT Table Operator
The R and Python programming languages are very popular for statistical and mathematical tasks, and notable examples of open source software for analytics.
r python script Table Operator analytics in-database programming
Implementing a multiple input stream Teradata 15.0 Table Operator for K-means clustering
Background This article is a follow on to article [1] which discussed implementing K-means using a Teradata release 14.10 table operator. The main contribution of this article is to discuss how to use the new Teradata 15.0 multiple input stream feature and a short discussion on a gcc compiler performance optimization.
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Optimized Sales Mart Data Structures- New School of Thought
Typical 2 years Sales Data Mart contains detail and aggregates in order to support time traverse metrics like 4 Week Shipments, 13 Week Shipments and so on...
Data Mart sales analytics Optimized Data Mart Structures
The Aster Discovery Process
Big Data is a challenge today for most companies. Aster’s Big Data Discovery platform, with its library of SQL-MapReduce functions, enables your business analysts and data scientist to easily uncover new insights and business opportunities.
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