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Find Second Highest Salary - SQL
Hello Experts New year greetings. I need another help. Creating a seperate post for that. EMP -------- ID NAME SAL DEPT 1 SAM 50 D1 2 TOM 50 D1 3 RAM 40 D1 4 PAM 30 D1 5 JAM 30 D1 6 MAM 40 D2    
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Regular Expression On Teradata 14.0
Hi All,
Regular Expression sql teradata 14 Advanced analytic functions
Loading analytic function to a database other than beehive.
Hello: When I log on to act from a database other than beehive as db_superuser I receive an error: "Unable to open input file: install.sh" I've already installed these once in beehive, but I want to be able to access them from another database.
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