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Teradata Data Lab 15.10 Release
Very pleased to announce the formal release of Teradata Data Lab 15.10 effective April 2015! Teradata Data Lab 15.10 is a very exciting release as it is a significant product evolution in feature functionality, navigation, performance and ease of use. The Data Lab Viewpoint interface has been combined into one redesigned double-wide portlet offering more information, context sensitive requests, and enhanced navigation. Read on to discover more about this new exciting Data Lab product release.
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Teradata Data Lab (15.10) Overview
This course provides an overview of the Data Lab product concepts and value proposition and how it applies to DBAs, Power Users, and the business community.
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AJI ignored with analytic function's usage
I am testing AJI usage on a query and am trying to understand why the using the analytics would ignore the AJI…. The following query snapshot uses the JI (JI3_TRANS_DETAIL_GL)
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