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TeradataR Question about kemans analysis
HI, I am using teradataR (1.01) to do some clustering analysis, but I found the td.kmeans function can only receive a full table as the input. So my question is can I assign some columns to td.kmeans and make it do analysis only on these columns? like this way: >  test <- td.data.frame("test", "testdb")
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Comments and Queries discussed at Partner's 2011
I was lucky enough to be able to attend Partners in San Diego last week.  As part of that, I did have an opportunity to speak a time or two and discussed a few performance issues. I discussed swapping, SegIO Reads, and measuring I/O bandwidth but wasn't able to provide detail or queries, etc. at the time. They are below.
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Visualizing and Analyzing Teradata Workloads
My batch is completing late, the tactical queries show inconsistent response times, some applications show extreme variability in resource consumption, the canaries are hoarse! Bad queries need to be fixed! We will explain why certain queries are bad and visualize how they impact Teradata performance. We will show how to find them, discuss most common mistakes, and give tips on how to fix them. Techniques to measure 'incoming traffic' from highly volatile applications will be discussed.
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