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I would like to ask you about the DBC.ResUsageSpma Table and the performance of the Teradata.
We have a Teradata 2800 with 2 Nodes and we are having some performance issues. When I take a look at the DBC.ResUsageSpma the results the attached.
Is something wrong with Node ID 105?.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am new to teradata learning, I have download vm Express edition for testing purpose, but this is a very limited in performance, i want to test a machine have a little bit big data, ALL i have to face that, when ever i run a query especially with aggregation, i takes lots of mins to perform the resul

Hello All !
Wondering how Nodes & no. of AMPs effect the run of a query?
 For ex: if Non Prod Env has 10 Nodes but Prod env has 40 nodes.
How it'll effect the same query in both env's?
In that case will it be okay to tune the query in non-prod env?