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As you approach full use of your AMP worker tasks, monitoring in-use counts becomes a more important exercise.  The ResUsageSAWT (SAWT) table provides a wealth of information about AWT usage when you need to dive into details.

ResUsageSAWT provides you with several categories of information, including AMP worker task usage and high-water marks broken out by work type, as well as message queue depth/ flow control frequency metrics. 

Have you ever wondered how many AMP worker tasks (AWT) were actually being used during an archive or a restore?  You're not alone.  Is it one per session?  Could it be one per AMP?  Here's how it works.

In the past, you, like many people, probably considered 62 AMP worker tasks (AWT) as the logical limit that can be used to support user work at any one point in time.

Looking for an extra level of protection around your online, web, or interactive queries? Think about expediting the priority scheduler allocation group that they run in.