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Alternate Title: Teradata 101. For anyone new to Teradata, this session is to acquaint you with the Teradata technology.

In my organisation, there are 6 Nodes used and each node carry 24 AMPs.
Could any one please let me know how to determine how many Number of AMPs are required per node ? 
If More Number of AMPs / Nodes are supposed to increase Performance , Why its not true to have Maximum number of Amps / Nodes ?

Hello Guys ,
I have some basic questions .
 if you guys can help that will be really helpful.

Hello All,
The way I see Teradata is...Node contains multiple PE & AMPs. PE handles the user sessions in addition to other activities and AMPs service the data movement amongst other role. Considering a production system having say, 50 Nodes...I seek clarification on the following 02 topics:

If each PE supports upto 120 sessions and each session can run 16 requests in parallel and each AMP can run 80 tasks in parallel,
does this mean that we need minimum 24 AMPs ((120*16)/80)???

For anyone new to Teradata, this session is to acquaint you with the Teradata technology.

Hi All,
I have data in an csv file and I am planning to create an table in Teradata and insert these records.
I then need to create an PI after the analyzing the data properties.
I somehow need to know the queries for the following.
1) Get the data distribution among all the AMP's

Is there any way to measure the total AMPCPUTIME consumed by any MLOAD/FLOAD/FEXP job post completion? The values from the dbql(sum of ampcputime for a particular LSN number) does not seem right.
I also tried dbc.acctg. There too, the values seem low.

Hi Folks
This may sound a bit 101 -  but really I am still looking for a detailed explanation about this stuff vide some formal documentation.
In  PMON you see various values for AMP state and PE state.
AMP State _______ ( dispatching / active etc ) 
same goes for PE 
PE State _________ 

When i get an error stating 'NO MORE SPOOL SPACE IN USER' what does it mean?
My understanding is that spool space is allocated equally across all AMPs and upper limit is defined for an USER.
For example if FREE SPACE available is 500 GB and there are 10 AMPS then each amp gets 50 GB of spool space.

I have Teradata Express 13 database installed on my local machine. During a deletion from table activity running, my laptop got shutdown due to no charge. After restarting I am unable to get the database online again.

pdestate -a

DBS state is 9/1: Config is not op - Unable to select an appropriate control AMP

Input Supervisor Command: get config

SYSTEM NAME: localhost 11/05/25 15:25:35


Hi Gurus,
I'm trying to figure out how many AMPs are being used by queries on daily basis. My ultimate goal is to create a report of ALL queries that used all the AMPs available. Is there any way we can do it using pmcpinfo or dbc?
- Rahul