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I am Altering the table for addition of new columns. And tables is having more than 1 billion records.
Please let us know is it standard to alter the table with more than one billion records or not. Also guide us in best practise to alter the table with data.

I'm logged in with dbc user.
I'm ALTERing a table to add Foreign Key Constraint with Following statement
ALTER TABLE testdb.Master2 ADD CONSTRAINT fk_Master1 FOREIGN KEY (Master1ID) REFERENCES testdb.Master1(Master1ID);
its works fine.
But when i write this in a procedure

I want to Update a table. But before that i want disable foreign key\check Constraint\Unique Key on some tables.
After update, i want to enable those disables constraint again.
Can you please tell me how can i do that.

I’m trying to create a process which will take a Point-in-time / Snap Shot table and copy it into a Historical table.  Inserting the records is not a problem but because we do not ‘own’ the table there is a chance(and likely) new columns will be added to my source table.  I’ve tried to come up with a process to compare to Source and Target table and if th

Hi All,


I have the following table defined :



p_num bigint

p_dt date

p_car_num varchar(100)


primary index (p_num) 


Hi everyone
I've created a table and I want to modify the datatype to one field from Char(4) to Char(5) but it is not possible....I tried to rename the column using the following statement and it was executed OK.

Hi All,
I have a table that has a composite key defined on 2 columns.
These column are not a part of primary index.
The table contains data.
I am trying to drop primary key using the following command and getting a systax error :
alter table person_mst drop primary key (id,name);

Hi All,
I have an existing table in TERADATA and it has a field named log_dttm defined as timestamp.
I want to change the column data type to varchar(30).
"alter table modify" failed to convert.
 ALTER TABLE Failed. 3558:  Cannot alter the specified attribute(s) for log_dttm. 

Hello, I have some fields that I would like to modify/alter after the table has been created. They were created with a "CASESPECIFIC" attribute and I would like to change that to "NOT CASESPECIFIC", without having to drop the existing column. Can this be done? I have one more twist. I work in a corp.