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Is there any way to setup alert for a session with more PJI in Viewpoint? If no, any other way to attain this?

i try to determine a combination of criteria among those offered in Viewpoint portlet Teradata Sytems / Alerts / Sessions / Alert Rules,
in lack of some 'response time' criterium available.

This article describes what's new in the Teradata Alerts 14.10 release (also known internally as CAM). This release was made available on May 30th 2013.


The Teradata Alerts 14.10 release restructures the alert delivery type in the Viewpoint "Admin" -> "Alert Setup" portlet to make it more modular and introduces a new timeout setting feature for various delivery types.  The remainder of this article provides feature details for all the highlights of the Teradata Alerts 14.10 release.

Is it possible to set up an alert when peak spool/spool for a user goes beyond a certain value? P.S. Viewpoint version i want to set up it on is 14.01
(I read in these forums this is possible on 14.10 onwards) But is there a workaround for 14.01?

The Teradata Viewpoint User Guide provides information about how to use Teradata Viewpoint and associated portlets. This user guide is essentially the content found in the Teradata Viewpoint on-line help offered in PDF format.

The Teradata Viewpoint Installation, Configuration and Upgrade Guide for Customers is intended for Teradata Customer Services, Teradata Professional Services, and Customers for configuring and upgrading Teradata Viewpoint. This guide covers all aspects of installing, configuring, and enabling the Teradata Viewpoint solution.


We need a mail notification whenever we have a hutlock placed on the databases and would like to know the different ways to achieve the same. I have tried in Alert settings on Viewpoint but did not get it.




Teradata is pleased to announce the Teradata Alerts / Common Alerting Mechanism (CAM) 14.0 release effective March 14th, 2012. A few of the key feature additions include running actions on Linux, a new "run SQL" action, incremental backups, and usability updates to the Alert Viewer portlet.