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We have a shiny new Teradata appliance that we're about to embark on developing a new data warehouse with (FSLDM format). We have DataStage to land the data into Acquisition but I can find little information on best practices for setting up my Agile team to succeed when it comes to the in-database ELT processes e.g.

At the beginning of our current release, the Viewpoint engineering team decided to split itself into multiple cross-functional, self governing scrum teams. Each team consists of 5-10 members that are able to perform all the functions needed to produce working software: from design to development to test.  The Delta Force scrum team was focused on updating Viewpoint to support new Teradata 14.0 database features.  This article talks about some of our challenges and successes in transitioning to a more agile, scrum oriented team.

Continuous Integration is a key part of modern software development. It is a methodology we have been using with some success at Teradata for products such as Viewpoint or TRM. The following presentation talks about why it is important, and gives you a set of rules to follow to succeed in building your software "better, faster, cheaper".

What in the world do you mean?  Agile is a spotlight?  That's ridiculous.  It's all about daily stand up meetings, burndown charts, cards on walls, and other fun stuff like that, right?  If I do those things, I am Agile, right?  


Come on, doing all of that stuff has to count for something!!!