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We need to summarize the below detail data as expected; but somewhere we are missing something and not getting the proper aggregate. Pls help.


Detailed data:


ID          GSM     LL      Loyalty Points

aaa        ?          ?       100

bbb        200      ?       200

I am trying to perform a sum based on multiple values in a table.
The current year week is formated like this 201401 for 2014 year and week 1.

Aggregate join index can be loaded incrementally?
Is there a way to insert an incremental new data without  having to fully recharge an aggregate join index ?


I want to aggregate as "comma-separated values" within a "group by", like MYSQL group_concat:

Customers are currently leveraging Teradata's features such as User Defined Functions (UDFs) and External Stored Procedures (XSPs) to develop complex applications.

The aim of this set articles is to show the user how to use the Eclipse IDE to debug in a single-node, controlled, non-production environment:

  • Java or C/C++ User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Java or C/C++ External Stored Procedures (XSPs)

The audience for this set of articles ranges from Teradata associates within the R&D and Professional Services organizations to  Teradata Customer and Partner developers who want to debug a UDF/XSP running on their  DBS VM before installing it on a production system.

SQL provides a set of useful functions, but they might not satisfy all of the particular requirements you have to process your data.

User-defined functions (UDFs) allow you to extend SQL by writing your own functions in the Java programming language, installing them on the database, and then using them like standard SQL functions.