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I am having one column where it can have position 3-5 as blank. It can be as position 3 as blank or position 4-5 as blank.

I am trying to insert data from prod to dev by using TPT Update operator. By mistake i have deleted all error tables including work table, log table.
Agin when i submit the script am got TPT10508: RDBMS error 2583 error in teradata tpt Error. Can you please suggest me how  resolve this issue.
Error :

I am having an issue when using Bteq in Linux. 
Let's say I have a table in teradata that has two columns:
Article            Date_issue
 Article1         12/18/2013
When I qu ery this table from Bteq in Linux the result is:
Article            Date_Issue
Article1          13/12/18

Hi -
I have req such that , i need to call a procedure inside another using dynamic sql.
there is permanent table, which has procedure column, which will be loaded from java.
Once it is loaded a report procedure will be called through perl script.