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Unable to connect to the database using Teradata Studio Express.
Hi, I have installed the Teradata express 14 edition using vmware. I was able to setup the connection using Gnome Terminal, however I am unable to connect to the database using the Teradata Studio Express.  I have tried using the same creditials as used in the Gnome Terminal for bteq which is :
connectivity create user access rights of existing user access teradata
Combine two queries into single
Is there any way to combine below two queries into single query:   select count(*) from Employee; select SUM(CURRENTPERM) from DBC.TABLESIZE where TABLENAME='Employee'  and DATABASENAME='test';   Thanks for your help!
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  Can we export data in excel format using bteq ?
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insert data from .csv file into Teradata with SLJM
How can I insert data from .csv file into Teradata with SLJM tool
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Greetings,   We are currenlty looking for a teradata developer for an immediate position in CA. The direct client is one of the largest Energy and utilities companies in the USA If you are interested please send all resumes to ana@esolser.com
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Converting CHAR to DATE
Hello,   I'm very much new to Teradata and writting queries as such. I have a CHAR Type column which contains data as follows '2012-01-20 02:32:37.000000'.   How do I convert this CHAR type data to DATE Type, preferably as a timestamp?   Regards, ASR
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Access Teradata using .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB
Hi Folks, I am new to Teradata. can any one help me how to connect to Teradata using ".NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB". I tried like this. using System.Data.OleDb; string connString = "Provider=TDOLEDB;Data Source=myServerAddress;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;Session Mode=ANSI"; OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(connString); conn.Open(); conn.Close(); but I am getting the following exception. Exception: "The 'TDOLEDB' provider is not registered on the local machine." how to register 'TDOLEDB' provider?
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