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Hello ,

how can i have access Ex:select on view/table from a local database server to a distant database server, with same session ?


I have a linked table from a teradata server database in accees database.

i need to get from teradata table all records where in teradata filed table DATE1>01/01/2000

how to format the date 01/01/2000 in sql string?

I use VB6 classic and ADO, and access 2100.


In a script, at Session level the transaction isolation is set to RU (Read Uncommitted or ACCESS).
At table level I am overriding to READ lock for Table1 in a SQL select.
Now if there is already an INSERT / MERGE / UPDATE operation going on Table1 then it will be on WRITE lock. So the SQL with READ lock will wait. 

I have succesfully set up an Access front-end that links tables from a Teradata database.  Everything works fine when I have the tables linked through a DSN.  I am trying to set up a DSN-less connection, but I am encountering the following error:  "Reserved Error (-7778): there is no message for this error"

Hi Masters,

I have some questions on how user access works with respect to object and database level

We have a database where all reporting views are residing. All users were granted Select access at the database level (through role or explicit grant) so they can query any view residing in this database. Now we want to revoke access on a particular view but still let them have access to rest of the views. Below are my questions

I am trying to connect an Access database to Teradata DB. I am trying to import the data from a teradata table into a access Table.
The table should also be able to insert data into the Teradata DB.

I have been able to set up a connection to the Teradata DB using the following code, but an unable to insert the data from the teradata table to the Acesss Table ( Access Table is a replica of the Teradat Table, in terms of structure).

Dim cn As ADODB.Connection
Set cn = New ADODB.Connection

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset