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Restore a backup taken with Teradata ABU on another server
Hello,   I have a backup which was taken using ABU 14.10 that is consisted of 4 data files(4-node configuration) - size is about 1.5 TB. I want to restore this backup on another server which also has ABU 14.10 installed but it is a 2 Node configuration. Is there a way to restore(using the COPY arcmain command) on the 2 Node machine?
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How to calculate the space of a database that data will be copied using arcmain
Hello Guys   I have a Teradata 14.10 on a TD 2690 appliance with BLC enabled on all tables.   I am using the TD Appliance backup Utility to copy backed up data from backup files into a new database. I know the size of the backup files is the size before BLC is applied and it is 7551855 bytes. 
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Cached credentials causing ABU jobs to fail?
Hello, We are running into issues with performing backups using ABU. We are running version 14 of Teradata on 2 nodes. The specific issue is that the jobs are failing at the initial logon with the error: Failure 8017: The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.  
ABU backups error 8017
ABU vs TARA with NetVault or TARA with TSM
To backup and recover Teradata, is ABU requirementmandatory or can we use TARA with NV/TSM? I dint understand the relation or differences between ABU and TARA with NV/TSM.
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