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Are There anyway we can disable logons for PMON clients and Teradata Manager.
Our Primary concerns is to allow user to abort their own queries from Viewpoint [My Queries] tab which requires the user have [ABORT SESSION] privilege.

I have a script that logs out existing users with AbortSessions() before dropping them and it runs fine on our 2690 but not on my VM version of Teradata (v14.00)

I get the following errors from bteq:

*** Failure 7506 The library for UDF/XSP/UDM SYSLIB.AbortSessions could not be found


I have power users to whom I have given Viewpoint access. I want them to be able to abort their own queries, but I do not want to grant them a general ability to abort queries.

Dear All

Have the other ways to aborts session ?
How do I abort session by sql syntax?
,i really wanna know -*-