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Hi ,
I have a stored prodcedure. How do I make sure that the exit is not graceful. I am able to capture the error code and message but the stored procedure succeeds. 
In short how do I Abort a stored procdure and push it to failure state. 

One query was aborted by the system dba from viewpoint. I could take out the record from dbqllogtbl_hst and that shows that it was aborted. Now, i want to know which was the user/IP of the machine from which this was aborted. Can someone help me how to take out this info ?
Thanks !

I want to know who aborted a particular query or session.
Got a pointer towards same from Dieter's post in the forum, and query is:

SELECT TheDate, TheTime, Event_Tag,

      Category, Severity, PMA, VProc, "PARTITION", Task,

      TheFunction,    CAST(TEXT AS VARCHAR(2000)), Line

In View Point, DBAs abort sessions of queries that are badly performing and overally impacting the System performance(because of improper query, stale stats, etc.).Is there any system table or query that can help in identifying sessions that were manually aborted by DBA?

In View Point, a session is in ABORTING state for more than 8 days now.
Whats the reason the session is taking so long to abort?
Is there any way to get rid of this aborting session, to clean up such sessions quickly?