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I am looking to upgrade our current version of Teradata TPT API from 13.00 to 13.10. Can any one tell me if these downloads are available?
TPT API 13.10 X8664
TPT Export Operator 13.10 X8664
TPT Load Operator 13.10 X8664
TPT Stream Operator 13.10 X8664
TPT Update Operator 13.10 X8664
Thx in advanced.

Has anyone else seen this? Currently if I run up a connection via the JDBC driver under a 64bit JVM of 32bit JVM under a 64bit Ubuntu I get an unexpected hang. Under a 32bit JVM on a 32bit Ubuntu install everything works fine. The really weird thing is if I run the connection thread through strace it appears to be spinning never really connecting.

I have installed 64 bit Teradata ver on a 64 bit Windows Server 2003 R2 server in the following order (not an upgrade):
TDICU, TeraData GSS client, ODBC Driver, .Net Provider for Teradata
I then installed the Teradata SQL Assistant which appears to have installed in the Windows 32 bit path.
We created an ODBC connection via ODBC Administrator successfully with the Teradata driver recognized.
Opening Teradata SQL Assistant and making a connecting using .Net is successful. The ODBC connection does not show any data sources.