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Hi all,
I am trying to create a table for the results of my select query as I need to run some analysis on them.
The select ran and I have around 60k rows in the result. When I try to create a table, it provides me with error 3706.
Can you please help?

 Hi all,
     I have this below statement.
sel case when date  is not null then
cast(extract(month from date) as smallint) || substring(cast(extract(year from date) as varchar(4)),3,2)
else null
end as Temp


I am sometimes encountering a syntax error (3706) when using CASE with an IN clause, see (1) below.  The error is happening with timestamp columns and sometimes with varchar's (when the individual varchar values in the IN are concatenated, ie. col1 || col2).  Any info on this?