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i am trying to write a bteq script which executes some select statements and exports the result to a text file on my system running on windows
here is the script
 .logtable SAMPLES.bteqexportLog;
.begin export sessions 20;

Hi, I have a simple SQL where I am trying to create a table using a select statement, I have no idea why this is bumping me out. The select by itself is working and returning rows successfully. Please help.

This is the SQL -

create table dbc.tb2 as
substr(compltn_dt,1,position(' ' in compltn_dt )) as dt,
trim(substr(compltn_dt,position(' ' in compltn_dt )+1,characters(compltn_dt)))as ts,
Trim(case when position ('/' in dt) = 2 then 0||substring(dt,1,1) else substr(dt,1,2) end) as mth,