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Where I can find Teradata Tools and Utilites 14.10?

Statistical information is vital for the optimizer when it builds query plans. But collecting statistics can involve time and resources. By understanding and combining several different statistics gathering techniques, users of Teradata can find the correct balance between good query plans and the time required to ensure adequate statistical information is always available.

This recently-updated compilation of statistics collection recommendations are intended for sites that are on any of the Teradata Database 14.10, 15.0, or 15.10 software release levels. Some of these recommendations apply to releases earlier than Teradata Database 14.10 and some rely on new features available starting in Teradata Database 14.10.  Statistics collection functionality in the Teradata Database works the same in 14.10, 15.0 and 15.10 releases.

For greater detail on collecting statistics for Teradata Database 14.10, see the orange book titled:  Teradata Database 14.10 Statistics Enhancements by Rama Krishna Korlapati.

Contributors: Carrie Ballinger, Rama Krishna Korlapati, Paul Sinclair, September 11, 2014

I have heard that EXISTS and NOT EXISTS functions will not be preformance friendly in Teradata Version 14.10. If anyone has more information on this, please share.

Hi everyone!!
I have several tpt scripts (which input is a fifo file) that used to run properly in tpt 13.0, now the system in which I'm working is upgrading to 14.10 and the scripts fails...
the error is:
        "TPT19120 !ERROR! multi-instance read feature requires REGULAR file names."

This is a review of the Unity (formerly Director and Loader) architecture.

Data Warehouses are known for storing data over time, both historical point-in-time transactions as well as temporal data that is valid over a range of time...

Get a quick start on Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express with these usage videos. The overview and connection videos apply to both Teradata Studio and Teradata Studio Express. The others apply to Teradata Studio only: Create Database, Create Table, Move Space, Smart Loader, Copy Objects, and Transfer Data.

The 14.10's documents have been fully published in info.teradata.com but the download media for "BCD0-1560-0000" seems not fully available.
I can only find the following files so far: