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Need Column Name with Longer than 30 Characters
I am using Teradata SQL (version 13.10)  in cominbation with a "Text to XLS" program to create an Excel File.
column length 13.10
Primary Index - for access
I need some general guidance on choosing a new PI to make table A more easily accessible in joins.   If my join looks like this:  LEFT JOIN A   ON A.INVC_ID = B.INVC_ID  AND A.DTA_SRC_ID = B.DTA_SRC_ID
13.10 primary indexes
64bit TPTAPI Download for Windows Server 2008
Hello, I am looking to upgrade our current version of Teradata TPT API from 13.00 to 13.10. Can any one tell me if these downloads are available? TPT API 13.10 X8664 TPT Export Operator 13.10 X8664 TPT Load Operator 13.10 X8664 TPT Stream Operator 13.10 X8664 TPT Update Operator 13.10 X8664 Thx in advanced.
tpt api 64bit windows 13.10
NEED TO RE-HASH ROWS - ARCMAIN RESTORE on 13.10 after sysinit
I am in the process of performing a full system restore with backup tapes from the same system, following a sysinit.  The system is running of the database and below is a sample output of the ARCMAIN Restore job.  There is a line in there for each table stating "NEED TO RE-HASH ROWS" that I've not seen before and was curious
RE-HASH arcmain 13.10
Algorithmic compression in DBQL History tables
I am considering the impementation of algorithmic compression within our 13.10 system's DBQL History tables. We have quite a long retention requirement for this data and the daily maintenance and nightly backups are starting to become an issue because of the large sizes.
compression dbql dbqlhistory 13.10
Problems with dynamic creation of Volatile tables
Guys,   Playing with some engine designs that require volatile tables structures based on existing tables structures on a system. The number of unique table structures is very high, so minimal customization should be required or it becomes a sustainability problem. Very simple example: 
teradata sql volatile table 13.10
Group AMP Join in a 13.10 Explain plan
While testing the 13.10 version of the DBMS on our staging system, we found a query that performs much better under 13.10 and is using a "Group AMP Join", where the 12.0 version Explain plan references something completely different.  I am not familiar with the Group AMP Join and have been unsuccessful finding it in the 13.10 documentation searches I have
13.10 explain terminology group amp join
TELAPI Initialize error on Linux64 TPT API 13.10 "[CLI2: BUFOVFLOW(308): Parcel data too large for receiving buffer.]"
HI, -With 32 bit TPTAPI libraries (TelApi 13.10) I could connect and fetch the data from Teradata database (13.0).
tpt 13.10 telapi
TTU for Linux
Hi! Where can I download TTU 13.10 for Suse Linux? I don't have a DVD with appropriate content. Thanks you!
linux 13.10 ttu dvd
Block Level Compression Evaluation Utility
Teradata 13.10 features Block Level Compression (BLC), which provides the capability to perform compression on whole data blocks at the file system level before the data blocks are actually written to storage. Like any compression features, BLC helps save space and reduce I/O. This BLC utility is for Teradata users to run against TD 13.10 system to select the list of BLC candidate tables and evaluate BLC impact on space and speed for each specific table in interest, to get information for selecting appropriate tables to apply BLC.
compression blc 13.10